The “European Cargo and Aviation Services Ltd.” offering service as a fully independent aviation consultancy company. All our consultants have long and wide experience in aviation industry.

“ECA Services” can advise clients on a variety of projects including preparation of documentation for AOC licensing, transport of special cargo and Dangerous Goods by Air, preparation of training programs using different methods of delivery, etc.

Our staff is highly motivated and they approach each new assignment with a high level of diagnostic review of the existing situation to determine possible issues.  Then they seek to address these problems by identifying potential hazards and risks and mitigation actions. In addition to providing solutions, we can follow through with implementation planning and support, which is clear benefit to our customers.

“ECA Services” approach is to work collaboratively with the customers to share experience and competence to ensure that transfer of competence will be in full scale for all tasks which will be used as a base for the long term effects.
Customer satisfaction and safety of operations are vital in today’s competitive and fast changing aviation industry. The only way to meet these challenges is by constantly improving your organizational processes. “ECA Services” has the know-how and human resources to be able to offer you optimal solutions.

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