At “European Cargo and Aviation Services” we understand that the safety of operations is the major goal of each organization. One of the main ways to achieve this goal is by ensuring your staff is properly trained and knowledgeable to fulfill their obligations.

By this reason our aviation training focuses on a positive change of attitude to safety at both personal and organisational level and we’re passionate about the importance of taking your level of practical skills, competence and knowledge beyond that which the regulations stipulate and industry best practices recommends.

When we have a training request, we meet with our customers to discuss their specific needs, requirements and preferences, then we do Training Needs Analysis and comprehensive analysis in order to offer the best possible solution.


ECA Services training portfolio includes, but not limited to the following programs:

Regulatory Training

  • Regulatory Compliance training (ICAO, EASA and IATA);
  • Air Transport Management;
  • Flight Operations management;
  • Ground Operations Management;
  • Management and Leadership training for aviation personnel;
  • Aviation and Cargo Marketing;
  • Root Cause Analyses;


  • EASA Compliance Management System;
  • Safety Management Systems;
  • Auditing Skills for Quality and Safety Personnel;
  • Compliance Management and Airline Operations Auditing
  • Fatigue Risk Management System;
  • Crew Resource Management for Flight and Cabin Crew
  • Emergency Response Planning


Dangerous Goods Regulation Training (CBTA approach)

  • Training Needs Analysis for Dangerous Goods Competency Based Training and Assessment;
  • Training for Dangerous Goods CBTA methodology for Instructors and Assessors
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for Preparing Dangerous Goods Consignments (IATA Table 7.1.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Goods Presented as General Cargo (IATA Table 7.2.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments (IATA Table 7.3.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for Handling in a Warehouse, Loading and Unloading Unit Load Devices and Loading and Unloading Aircraft Cargo Compartments (IATA Table 7.4.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for Accepting Passenger and Crew Baggage, Managing Aircraft Boarding Areas and other Functions Involving Direct Passenger Contact at an Airport (IATA Table 7.5.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for the Planning of Aircraft Loading (IATA Table 7.6.A)
  • DGR Training for Flight Crew (IATA Table 7.7.A)
  • DGR Training for Flight Operations Officers and Flight Dispatchers (IATA Table 7.8.A)
  • DGR Training for Cabin Crew (IATA Table 7.9.A)
  • DGR Training for Personnel Responsible for the Screening of Passengers and Crew and their Baggage, Cargo and Mail (IATA Table 7.10.A)

Safe transport of special cargo by air

  • Transport of Infectious Substances Category A and Category B;
  • Transport and logistics of pharmaceutical and temperature sensitive products and vaccines by road and air;
  • Safe transport of Live Animals  by Air;
  • Transport and Handling of Dry Ice by Ground and Air; and etc.


  • Human Factors in Aviation;
  • Safety Management including Human Factors for CAMO staff;
  • Regulatory training on Continuing Airworthiness (Regulation /EU/ No 1321/2014) Part-145, Part-M and Part-CAMO
  • Quality Management;

Civil Agitation Authorities

  • Cabin Safety Operations for CAA Inspectors
  • Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Air Operations for Helicopters for CAA Inspectors
  • Electronic Flight Bags Training for CAA Inspectors
  • Dangerous Goods Training for CAA Inspectors
  • Occurrence Reporting  for CAA Inspectors
  • State Safety Program for CAA Inspectors
  • Air Cargo Operations for CAA Inspectors
  • Safety Management System
  • Auditing techniques for CAA Inspectors

Our target is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for our product including training delivery and study materials. Every one of our training courses is carefully designed to highest industry standards, ensuring real and tangible learning outcomes are achieved.
We also offer In-company training courses and executive workshops which are designed to specifically focus on an organisation’s particular situation and providing cost-effective and value-adding solutions that can be flexed to suit your needs. This means you get the maximum benefit of our industry knowledge delivered directly into your organisation.
Our focus is to deliver exceptional training programmes with high quality course materials all produced in house by our Instructional Designers.

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